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Experte für das Brechen, Klassieren und Vermahlen von glasartigen Rohstoffen


Are you looking for an effective glass abrasive?

Are you looking for an effective glass abrasive?
Does the grain size of your abrasive need to fulfill special requirements?
Do you wish to use an approved glass abrasive (test certificate)?
Do you bear in mind your and our environment when abrasive-blasting?
Do you need to abrasive-blast sensitive materials such as aluminum, special steel or wood?
Do you require an absolutely iron-free abrasive?
Are you seeking an individual abrasive grain?
Is it intended that your abrasive grain should be incorporated into a resin matrix and feature
a high level of compound adhesion?
Do you need a mineral filler?
Are you seeking an anti-microbial abrasive product for skin-cleansing processes?
Do you require an auxiliary material for your peeling product?
Do wish to use the mineral basis of glass for dermatological products?

We have VitroBlast for you! Which grain would you like? 


Fields of application for VitroBlast

  • blasting industry
  • abrasives and cleaning agents industry
  • cosmetics


If you are looking for more information about our product VitroBlast please contact our official commercial agency AMPECO.

The certified experts of AMPECO also likely inform you about glass grit with other grades and various glass qualities.