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Experte für das Brechen, Klassieren und Vermahlen von glasartigen Rohstoffen


Product-improving filler for resin-bound systems

The Recofill glass granulate was developed in close collaboration with users and meets the special requirements of the resin-processing industry in the sectors encompassing mould
production, cast resin for interior completion operations, concrete polymer, surfaces and varnishes, paints and adhesives.

This special glass quality is characterized by the cherry-picked quality of the raw material and precisely defined granular boundaries. The Recofill product family optimizes the resin/filler
ratio by strengthening the bonding forces within the raw material matrix. The gelatinization of the resin compound is accelerated and its pressure resistance increases significantly.

This produces extremely abrasion- and wear-resistant resin compounds. The resin-binder mix ratio can be considerably lowered, a process involving a sharp reduction in costs.

Recofill is available as glass powder of up to 200 μm and as glass granulate in various grains of between 80 μm and 2 mm.


Areas of application for Recofill

  • resin-bound systems
  • modern construction materials