Reidt GmbH & Co KG

Experte für das Brechen, Klassieren und Vermahlen von glasartigen Rohstoffen


High quality - from raw material to the final product

We consider it our personal obligation to meet the high demands made on our products. Therefore our efficient quality assurance guarantees faultless products within the defined specifications.

From the reception of the raw materials to the loading of the final product every process step is recorded. Due to unmistakable batch definitions, all production processes can be traced back without interruption. Reference samples allow a secure documentation of the product quality.

Through a highly efficient control of the manufacturing plants and the continuous monitoring of the aggregates and components relevant for the quality we can assure the product's compliance with the respective specifications.

In addition, all our glass granules used as abrasives are regularly examined by an independent institute within the German Accident Prevention and Insurance Association according to the requirements of the ordinance on accident prevention "jet-works" (test certificate).