Reidt GmbH & Co KG

Experte für das Brechen, Klassieren und Vermahlen von glasartigen Rohstoffen


Individual powder products made of glass

The raw material basis for our numerous productsconstitutes glass qualities of various chemical composition featuring correspondingly different physical characteristics. They stem from the technical processes during which glass is produced and processed. We have secured these raw material channels for our company on a long-term basis.

Our array of products ranges from glass powder featuring grain sizes of a few micrometers to glass granulates featuring grain sizes of several centimeters. The glass is gently crushed using a special grinding process with the result that a largely cubic particle form is attained.

Our grading technique, which is grounded on many year’s experience and sound expertise, facilitates effective grain separation involving defined lower and upper grain limits. Given the flexibility of our production lines, customer-specific solutions present no problem.
For individual markets and applications individual products have been developed which are tailored to the specific requirements of these selected target groups.

Variable packaging solutions from paper sacks and large bags to silo loads characterize our high level of customer orientation.