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Experte für das Brechen, Klassieren und Vermahlen von glasartigen Rohstoffen


Sintermehl für die Ziegel- und Keramische Industrie

In the shape of the development of the CeraMelt product family we have succeeded in providing a glass powder of very special quality for the requirements of the ceramic industry in the roof tile and face brick sectors which can be adjusted in line with the various raw materials composition and baking requirements.

CeraMelt is grounded on a cherry-picked selection of special technical kinds of glass and has an effect similar to that of a raw materials depot: a possible shortage of minerals from the original raw materials batch can be compensated for by adding CeraMelt. CeraMelt thus facilitates necessary adjustments to individual raw materials. The very low proportion of specific alkaline-earth components reduces the risk of the ceramic end product blistering.

Given the addition of, for example, 5 mass-% of the glass powder CeraMelt a major energy saving of up to 15% and a sharp increase in resistance to frost of more than 70% can be demonstrably realized. Fragmentation resistance likewise increases by up to 20%. In addition, the improvement in baking behavior considerably reduces the tendency for cracks to form.


Areas of application for Ceramelt

  • face bricks
  • tiles
  • roof tiles
  • glazes
  • compounded clay optimization